Agistri Island

Agistri is a small island just 55 minutes away by ship from the port of Piraeus and just ten minutes away if you take a ship from Aegina Island. It is an extremely beautiful location, as if it is from a fairytale. It combines green pine forests with crystal waters of the sea.

In contrast with its near distance from the port of Piraeus and Aegina's, it has managed to preserve its traditional character, something very rear these times, and can not be compared with any other island of Saronic Gulf. The main characteristics of summer life in Agistri are the sea, good food and fun, accompanied with romantic and original images, which moves any visitor to it; from the first time they clap eyes on.

Even though it is a very small island, you can find anything you need. It has got super markets, a bank, pharmacy, stores where you can rent motorcycles and of course magnificent bars and cafes, which will fulfil your pleasant staying. The taverns of the island are well known for their quality and for fresh fish recipes!

Graphic beaches, narrow roads and ways full of pine trees create numerous chances for walking and having enjoyable moments. People in Agistri are warm, friendly, and will do anything for you to relax and have an unforgettable time!